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Congrats, Noah! (And DRD is right: Audacity is good enough for most things.)


still here

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Noah, I would like to introduce you to a free audio editing app called "Audacity" at https://www.audacityteam.org/ .

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Because for some reason, my iPhone's Substack app doesn't let me edit posts? What you would do is open your audio track in Audacity so it shows up as TRACK 1, then import and drop Teddy's audio right below yours as TRACK 2.

Ideally, both tracks should work perfectly with him, starting to talk right after you finished. But ideally is also rare, so you get to push around the various tracks to make them sound like a natural conversation, something that audacity makes pretty easy to do.

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To quote Olivia Rodrigo, "Fuck it, it's fine." I will finish this when I get home and can actually use a version of Substack that lets me edit.

I'm also looking to see if there are other free audio editing apps that are easier to use than Audacity. While I find Audacity quite easy to use, I learned how to monlinear edit on a timeline like Adobe Premiere — And I know a lot of people think Premiere is far too hard to even begin with! 🤷

Are you using a Mac or Windows? If a Mac, you might also look at Garageband, which is meant for music production but can also be used for editing podcasts. If Windows, there's a free feature called "Sound Editor" that either comes with your system or you can download it from Microsoft.com.

If you need any help, let me know and I'll see what I can do....

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