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Aug 10, 2023Liked by Noah Berlatsky

It's true that it's designed to take out the left. When the dust settles -if it ever does-it's going to be clearer that fascist billionaires are funding a lot of the fascist 'thought leaders.' They see the change in the wind and are responding even if it looks like the government does less than ever--they have amassed sufficient power and the public is restless. It's a no lose prospect.

Only a substantial coalition of everyone not fascist can beat fascism I believe. This doesn't have to be negative but maybe the content of opposition to fascism has to be fluid to let the coalition form without anyone needing an ideological ticket punched. There are many reasons to despise and oppose fascism from all over the political spectrum. Leftists are the ones fascists want to kill so they have the most skin in the game, and the tools for a social and historical analysis.

Nevertheless, fascism is based on complete lying bullshit and is always exactly what we see with Trump--a gang of thieves who will plunder the state, and create an even more corrupt, more oligarchic system where unthinkable numbers of people will suffer and die before their time. It's a way of weakening the polity for parasites to feed.

Yes, it has been around in the US for a long time, and used here and there, a product of colonialism--so Jim Crow inspired Hitler just like the Armenian genocide inspired him. But that's exactly why people should see it is in their interest whatever their outlook--even if think it can't happen to them because they are white and middle class, they're wrong. It hasn't happened to them because the state had tools that limited its reach but when it becomes the state the gloves are off. You have no recourse. The stupidest and greedy people will rule over them too just like they rule over a smaller subset of people now.

While that sounds free of content, it isn't because many American people have values that are contrary to being ruled over in this way. Maybe it's not quite the content we think a robust antifascism has but I don't think we should be that picky since we need everyone on board and fascists are enemies of humanity.

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