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Trump isn't a normal human, let alone a normal candidate.

The US media's original sin was legitimizing Trump when he arrived in front of them via an escalator. (That should have been a tip off, right there.)

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It seems to indicate that there might be an unbridgeable tension between democracy and increasingly unregulated capitalism.

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The media SHOULD—but he's too good for ratings for them to do so.

Gods! I remember back when "television news" was a handful of Old White Men, sitting behind desks, giving us what news they and their bosses thought was "fit" for American consumption, and it was slanted towards a Capitalist Corporate agenda, too. But at least back then television news was a loss leader, not a profit center—something television networks did to keep their broadcast licenses, and winning industry awards was the carrot to have them invest money in it.

That and a strange concept called "civic duty"....

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