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As usual great ideas

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Anti-Semitism remains, and unfortunately is increasing, not decreasing.

Then there's the never-ending Israel and Palestine problem, which is as ugly as all get-out, no matter which way you look at it. Manyvpeople have strong views.

Are these not sufficient reasons in and of themselves why Jewish people can't or are prevented from moving on? It's ground-hog day, and no one can escape, because of the past, because of the present?

Disclaimer: as a lifelong atheist, I've never understood Anti-Semitism: nor, obviously, do I buy into any ethnicity being god's chosen people. I suppose I'm the least qualified person to say anything. I just want all the shit to stop and for everyone to get along. Too aspirational?

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antisemitism is definitely still a problem, but I don't think that the only way to talk about that is to have Magneto be a holocaust survivor! having him be a contemporary might make certain discussions more clear (maybe)

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Yes, that's true.

We're talking about a youthful looking superhero, yeah? If anyone can reflect more contemporary Jewish ways of being, then yep, surely he can? 😁

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