Blech. I tried it. Couldn't watch it.

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Hah; I enjoyed it for what it was. The plot thumps along...

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::Why can't we have a hero who dispenses with all the artificial (feminized) flim flam compromise, and just makes the tough choices whether the public likes it or not?::

Well, you know, writing about a representative democracy is HARD! It's also totally not Hollywood, which has always treated collective action as Rock-Throwing Mobs: Remember every version of A TALE OF TWO CITIES? Fritz Lang's FURY? All the Sixties movies meant to appeal to the antiwar movement but ended with violent riots?

That's not a good story, according to Hollywood—a good story is Keri "Duke" Russell riding into town with her six-shooters holstered on her belt and her hat low over eyes so you can't see what she's thinking, right before she guns down a several nameless thugs to let everybody know she means business!

It is wrong of me to want to see that movie now...? 🤪

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