The poems - just a pleasure. As an insomniac I get it - the menendez situation infuriates me - your cat is 🔥 (ours finally caught the mouse that’s been eating her friskiest/wants a parade now). The Israeli-Hamas situation is breaking me for what that’s worth but not one zillion anywhere near what innocents on both sides are suffering.

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from CNN Opinion on KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON: "“Killers of the Flower Moon” reveals that Scorsese’s narrative, genre-anchored, humanist approach to big, important filmmaking has serious limitations as well."

It's like I keep telling people—no matter what Scorsese SAYS his movie's about? In the end it's about gangsters, the same way comic book movies are about superheroes. He has no more room to lambaste Marvel movies than Kevin Feige has to mock Scorsese's love of low-level gangsters....

#SorryNotSorry—I've always felt Martin Scorsese is an incredibly overrated filmmaker with a handful of great movies and a LOT of mediocre crap in-between. Coppola can boast the first two GODFATHER movies and APOCALYPSE NOW as untouchable classics—I'm not even sure Scorsese's great movies (TAXI DRIVER, GOODFELLAS, THE DEPARTED) rise to that level. And every time he tries to stretch with films like THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANY MORE, or NEW YORK, NEW YORK, he just shows how, while he might be interested in those stories he doesn't really know how to tell them.

Well—I don't think it's a great movie, but one of my favorite Scorsese films is AFTER HOURS, where he perfectly captures artistic Eighties SoHo in a madcap comedic horror story about a not-very-likable protagonist trying to have a night out...and gets a LOT more of a night out than he bargained for!

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