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Congratulations on the poetry accolades!

I finally finished Peaky Blinders Season 6. Anti-semitism has been an ongoing theme—the gypsy Peaky Blinders are often allied with a most memorable Jewish bootlegger—but this season was truly chilling. The rise of fascism in Britain and the U.S., closely allied with Hitler, made me more nauseous than all the gangster razor-blade blinding and burning of bodies of the previous five seasons combined.

The American mythology is that we fought the fascists and won. Fiction has a way to dispel that idea in a beautiful way. It's easy to see through a few characters that anti-semitism is irrational and downright sociopathic. The gangsters instead usually have a logic to their use of violence, for power or for vengeance.

I'm curious if you've seen this season and what your perspective is on it.

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I haven't seen Peaky Blinders, alas! I've barely heard anyone talk about it, so can't provide much helpful feedback unfortunately...

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