Plenty of other broadcasters and cable hosts have raised the issue of inequality in America. Chris Hayes has hosted guests like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Anand Giridharadas and often speaks about our society for, by, and of the wealthy elites.

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Yeah; Chris Hayes isn't perfect but certainly talks about inequity a lot. Mehdi Hasan too, I think. Rachel Maddow. John Oliver for sure.

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Apr 26, 2023Liked by Noah Berlatsky

"Fascism is a mechanism for seizing mass politics from the left."

Fascism is (or was) a mechanism using left-wing techniques (pioneered by Communists), plus organizational motifs that played on the experience of total war during the Great War, to enable the non-monarchial hard right to seize and retain power to use destroy their idea of the left. (The ideology of the economic system was a hash and irrelevant in substance, given that the fascists were essentially organizing to refight WWI. Pseudo-socialist appeals were about competing with Communist propaganda. The communists (in Germany at any rate) drew from WWI experiences as well and borrowed tactics from their fascist enemies.)

Times change, and the hard right has shifted tactics along with them, which results in much confusion among observers. (That's why there are no SA v. KPD street fights - they're not relevant to the current situation. Instead we get mass shootings and lawless militarized police combined with propaganda techniques borrowed from the PRC and North Korea.)


donald trump doesn't give a shit about industrial policy and the national conservatives don't either, they just need something to present to the public to serve as cover for their real economic program

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