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Hi! I’m Noah Berlatsky, a freelance writer and scribbler. I mostly write about politics or culture or both.

I’ve written a number of articles on fascism, since that’s unfortunately relevant now. I’ve also written popular posts about ways substack can improve. And a lot of movie reviews. And recently sometimes I write poetry.

Most of my work is free, but there’s some paid content. For example, personal essays, a Star Trek TOS rewatch, and best horror films by decade.

Every week I’ll post a list of my publications for that week, so you can keep up with everything I write. I usually include a cat pic (we have 4-8 cats, depending on how you count it, and a pit bull.) Also, there will be new content here delivered right to your inbox, whoosh.

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Also! I wrote a book about the original Wonder Woman comics and bondage and feminism way back when for Rutgers University Press. I’ve put together a number of other ebook collections on topics like vampires, films about fascism, the best greatest albums of all time ever, and more. So check those out if there’s not enough Berlatsky writing here for you.

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Noah Berlatsky is a freelance writer in Chicago. He writes for Public Notice, the Independent, CNN, the Chicago Reader, and various other places. Also he’s kind of a poet now.