This is a partial list of poetry publications by Noah Berlatsky (that’s me!) It will be updated sporadically. The picture is of Goose preparing to read my chapbook.


Not Akhmatova, forthcoming 2024 (Ben Yehuda Press)


8x16&IX, forthcoming 2025 (LJMcD Communications)

Spamtoum, forthcoming 2024/25 (above/ground)

Blurb Deals Now, forthcoming 2024 (LJMcD Communications)

Superintelligence, forthcoming 2024 (LJMcD Communications)

Land the Waste, 2024 (LJMcD Communications) free download

Send $19.99 for Supplements and Freedom, 2023 (above/ground press) $5

No Devotions, 2023 (LJMcD Communications) free download

It’s Fab, 2023 (Origami Poem Project) free download


Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Honorable Mention, 2022—“Send $19.99 for Supplements and Freedom”

Nomination for Touchstone Award for Haiku), 2023—”“Past Midnight”

Regular Contributor

D.O.R. (2023-)

Synchronized Chaos (2023-)

Five Fleas Itchy Poetry (2023-)

dadakuku (2023-)

Poor Mojo’s Almanac (2005-2008)

Selected Poems

“U Hum,” 2024 (Red Ogre Review)

“Nominate,” 2024 (Oddball Magazine)

“King of Kong,” “Row Your Cab,” “Practice Makes Kenny G,” “Australia” and “Stuffed Unicorn,” 2023 (Touch the Donkey with interview)

"Does ChatGPT Have An Anxiety Disorder," "Poems Are Supposed to List Things," "Some Words,” 2023 (Ranger)

“Don’t Say,” 2023 (Saint Paul Almanac)

“One Day Gravity Stopped,” 2023 (Worlds of Possibility)

“The Key,” 2023 (Blue Unicorn)

“The Da Vinci Code Cracked,” 2023 (Oddball Magazine)

“Cyborg Song,” 2022 (Lickety Split)

“I Should Have Been Working But I Wrote This Instead,” 2022 (New Feathers Anthology)

“Not North, Not Northwest,” 2022, (Temz Review)

“No Scones”, 2022 (Welter)

“You Say Grief,” 2022 (3rd Wednesday Review)

“Mustache Longing,” 2013 (The Toast)

“Statement of Purpose,” 2001 (Chicago Review)

Interviews About Poetry

Talking About Strawberries, 2024

Radon Journal, 2023.

Touch the Donkey, 2023.

Poetry Criticism

On failing as a poet (NBC Think)

On AI poetry and Against Expression (New Humanist)

On Colin Channer’s Console (The Commons)

On Rita Dove’s “The Creation of the Venus of Willendorf” (EIH)

On Elizabeth R. McClellan’s “The Later Life of Herr Samsa’s Picture” (Split Lip)

“Find Editors Who Like You,” (LitMag News)