::...while it breaks some bars, [INVINCIBLE]’s still boxed in by the genre’s reliance on vast power differentials and singular invincible heroes.::

Except that's not a bug, it's a feature of superhero comics—even superhero comics that try to interrogate what it means to be a superhero. Every superhero or supervillain is an extraordinary being in one fashion or another, which means that it's incapable of speaking to ordinary prisons and prisoners.

You COULD use people with superpowers as a metaphor for a minority who's a victim of prejudice—that's what The X-Men became beginning with Chris Claremont, and Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS has the U.S. Government outlawing superheroes except for Superman and a handful of others they use surreptitiously as "secret weapons". But even there you run into extraordinary beings who are going to be treated differently than somebody whose socioeconomically disadvantaged.

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Unqualified to respond on so many levels but fascinated by the mirror this holds up to the dynamics of who we are.

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